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Reading the Bible Together

5 February, 2015 Lewis Allen

Reading the Bible Together

I hope and pray that the New Year has seen a good start for your Bible reading. Are you doing RBT (Reading the Bible Together), as many at Hope and Providence are? And if so, are my notes a help to you? I’m open to all comments and suggestions for improvement. The key thing is that our Bible reading is daily, disciplined and intentional (read to learn and worship; don’t read for duty’s sake).

Here are some ways I enjoy my Bible each day.

I get up early to read
I set the alarm, and I obey it slavishly. ‘Snooze’ is the devil’s option! I read before I listen to the radio, get online, or do anything else. The only thing that I do before reading is make two cups of tea. Anything more is a dangerous distraction!

I get into my pattern of reading
For me, that’s usually a Psalm first, then an OT reading, then a NT one. I pause after the Psalm to pray, which is at that point praise, thanks, confession, and asking a blessing on my quiet time. After I’ve read the other passages, I try to take out of them particular leads for the prayers I pray later on.

I usually listen as well as read
I listen to the audio version of the Bible that I have, and I follow in the text of Scripture. That’s brilliant. I learn from the tone of the reader’s voice (David Suchet), and get precious insights from his reading about the text’s meaning.

I often listen to the Word with my dog – in the dark
Several times a week I walk the dog when it’s still dark. So I listen to the Word on my phone. I’ve learned recently to hit ‘repeat’, so I might listen to the same chapter two or three times. That really helps lessons to sink in.

I try to read a passage with my family each day
That can be really tricky, with the size and routines of our families. On Wednesday nights there are usually seven different activities we do between us! But on most nights we read a chapter or passage of the Bible (at the moment it’s Matthew, following our RBT scheme), and we pray round the table afterwards.

I don’t use daily notes, but I’m a fan of the best ones
There are many great Bible notes out there. I’m a fan of them, but I just don’t use them. I’m in the blessed position of studying the Scriptures for hours each week as part of my ministry calling. That’s great soul food, too, so the mornings aren’t my only exposure to God’s Word.

And how about you?
Do you have a routine, yet? More than that, do you have an appetite for reading your Bible?

Psalm 90.14 has been precious to me for twenty years: ‘Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.’ Only God’s Word can show us God as He really is; and only God – only God – can truly satisfy us. May God richly bless our Bible reading, and bring us to Him to taste His satisfying love through His Word.

*This blog post is taken as part of Lewis' regular communication with the church.

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