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Making the most of Christmas

18 December, 2014 Tim Hanson

Making the most of Christmas
I have always felt a slightly uneasy tension about Christmas and being Christian.
·    Shouldn’t we celebrate the incarnation of the eternal Son of God every day?
·    How should we react to the deceit of rampant materialism?
·    How do I help my family, and the church that I serve, to be aware of the lonely, the bereaved or those who just don’t feel that they have much to celebrate?
My response to all of this is to treat Christmas like any other day (or days) but also to recognise that it is very different!

Every day is a day to celebrate the birth of the eternal Son of God who is named Jesus “because he will save His people from their sins”. But Christmas is a time of more focused celebration with our church family.

Every day is a day to be thankful for food and family and so many other things. But Christmas is a time when we might have a bit more food and a bit more time with family, so it’s time to say an even bigger thank you.

Every day is an opportunity to serve people who are lonely and sad. But Christmas provides extra and natural opportunities for these acts of Christian love.

Every day is an opportunity to speak of the Lord Jesus and His wonderful Gospel. But Christmas provides lots of opportunities that may be more obvious.

Every day is a day to be discerning about the world and its godless, destructive values. But Christmas shows the emptiness of these values even more clearly, and so provides opportunities for Christians to speak and offer something of far greater worth.

How do we make the most of Christmas? Treat it like any other day – but recognise that it’s completely different.

Tim Hanson Tim is vicar of Christ Church Wharton Winsford, part of the North West Gospel Partnership

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