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The costs of church planting: Church planting part 3 of 4

2 January, 2014 Richard Coekin

Church planting 3
Consider the loss of resources; the loss of good people (often the servant-hearted); the loss of money (£60,000 per annum per plant in London); the loss of time in consultation and planning. Church planting is costly. It is essential to have generosity that truly believes that “it is more blessed to give than to receive” and trusts that God will replenish resources. Churches that plant must learn to suffer for the Gospel in planting.

Loss of popularity
The opposition of ungodly church leaders protective of their “patch”, suspicious secular authorities or church members lacking Gospel motivation (all fuelled by Satan viciously opposed to new Gospel churches) can be frustrating and hurtful. In church planting, it is important to care more about obeying God than men.

Loss of control
Pastors often find it difficult to lose control of people, resources and ministries to a church plant. Pride in a big church, or in being a “planter”, or in overseeing the combined resources of multiple congregations, may hinder the independence necessary for a church plant to flourish. Pastors may find it difficult to delegate the direction of the plant to less experienced leaders. But the new team needs freedom and prayerful support to govern the church plant as they think best, to attempt new strategies, to fail and to allow the plant to develop its own character. 

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