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12 principles of church planting: Church planting part 4 of 4

9 January, 2014 Richard Coekin

Church planting 4


1. Plant for Christ: for evangelism to grow his church for God’s glory alone
2. A prayerful, biblical, Gospel-teaching ministry is essential for spiritual growth
3. There are no other rules: no church plant is ideal and God can use weakness
4. There are many kinds of plant: internal, transfusion, pioneer, co-operative, colony, hive-off
5. Plants will need leaders, members, money, venue and a plan – but in any order
6. Professional staff need loyal, quality elders to model church membership
7. The number of members needed is mainly an issue of confidence in the planting group
8. Members of another church can double up for a trial period for critical mass or children’s work
9. Plants don’t happen by accident – senior pastors must drive them
10. Schools are good venues for families, cafes/clubs for young adults, churches for yuppies
11. Giving your best people and resources is a generosity that God blesses
12. Planting is exhausting but thrilling—don’t live for what the church isn’t yet, but enjoy God!

“Neither he who plants... is anything ... but only God who gives the growth.”
(1 Corinthians 3:7)

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