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A Passion to Witness DVD Review

18 July, 2013 Mike Kendall


A Passion to Witness is a very helpful DVD training resource that has been produced to help churches prepare for the ‘A Passion for Life’ mission in 2014. The DVD consists of nine sessions, presented by different speakers, looking at different aspects of evangelism:

• What is the Gospel?
• Why should we share the Gospel?
• Why don’t we share the Gospel?
• How to pray when sharing the Gospel
• How to tell my story
• Using the Bible to share the Gospel
• How should we answer questions?
• How to lead someone to Christ
• How to push the boundaries of our church.

While A Passion to Witness would be suitable as a general evangelism training course, it’s really designed to equip individuals & churches for A Passion for Life. Two strong emphases lie behind A Passion for Life 2014, and these both come through clearly in the material:
• the desire to encourage every person to make the most of the opportunity – not just inviting people to events, but also being a personal witness to the Lord Jesus Christ
• the desire to encourage every church to think about how it can reach out with the Gospel to a community or group that it is not currently reaching.

At a time when it feels as if the tendency of many Christians is simply to invite people to an event and leave someone else to explain the truth clearly, and when many (but certainly not all) evangelical churches are fairly monochrome culturally, these emphases are particularly welcome.

The DVD material for each session is approximately 15-20 minutes long. Intermingled with this are questions for small-group discussion, reflection and application. All in all, each session should last about an hour. One of the strengths of the resource is its flexibility. The material could be used in a variety of ways. It would be ideal for use in home groups or small-group Bible studies, but could also be used one-to-one. Each disc also comes with printable study notes.

Apart from the two emphases above, I was particularly encouraged by six things:
• it rightly recognises that the good news of the Gospel is so good because the bad news is so bad (the first session nails this very strongly)
• it is very clear about the need for verbal proclamation (“faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.” Romans 10:17)
• it is Bible-centred
• it highlights the importance of prayer
• it encourages everyone to be involved – ordinary Christians talking to ordinary people about Jesus Christ
• and it is very practical.

For those gearing up for A Passion for Life, A Passion to Witness would be ideal training material for the Autumn term. For those who get hold of the principles, the benefits – by God’s grace – will be felt long after Easter 2014 has been and gone.

You can order your A Passion to Witness training DVD from 10ofthose.

Mike Kendall Mike is pastor of St Neots Evangelical church.

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