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What is partnership? Part 2

23 January, 2013 Justin Mote

In our last post Justin Mote outlined that Gospel partnership starts as we partner with the Apostles. Today he looks at how we have partnership with the Lord. Read part 1 here.

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Partnership with the apostles leads to:


Partnership with the apostles, with what they proclaim brings us into partnership with God himself. V3 goes on: ‘And our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son, Jesus Christ.

The only way to come into fellowship with God is through the eye-witnessed message that the apostles proclaim. The heretics that John is warning his readers of are claiming otherwise. And there are plenty of people who do the same today. They think that they can bypass the apostolic message and come to fellowship with God some other way. To jettison the apostolic message means to break the chain God has established for us to come to eternal life. It means we don’t have fellowship with God.

But once we are brought into fellowship with God then a third partnership is established.

Justin Mote Justin taught on the Cornhill Training Course in London for a number of years and is known as a Bible teacher. He has had over twenty years experience of pastoral ministry in a variety of churches, most recently on the Wirral.

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