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Teaching the Gospel

26 February, 2015 Richard Coekin

teaching the Gospel pt1
People are born again and nourished to maturity within a church by God through the teaching of the Gospel of the Bible.

Churches need to know what the saving Gospel is, and they need to know how to teach it from the Bible. Although the teac… read more

Two ideas on how to get Church to read

19 February, 2015 Gerry Straker

Two ideas on how to get Church to read
Reading is a great gift from God. We are people of the book, and in His kindness most of us can read God’s Word and also read and learn from the works of Christians in the past and present who have helped grow the Church.

At Church by the B… read more

Investing in the sung Word

12 February, 2015 Richard Simpkin

Investing in the sung Word

Evangelical churches have always invested healthily in the preaching and proclamation of the Word of God.  We’ve also been rightly wary of the way that music often tries to dominate the Word of God because of its power over the emotions.  … read more