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The long ball game and discipleship

30 October, 2014 Steve Casey

Longball game

Maybe it is just me, but aren’t pastors more comfortable with a version of the long-ball game of discipleship? As those trained in preaching, we are keenly attuned to the goal of seeing our church family grow into the likeness of Christ, b… read more

Fear Expressing Our Faith

23 October, 2014 Richard Coekin

Fear Expressing Our Faith

Did you follow this fascinating spat in the papers a few months back? The Prime Minister wrote an article in the Church Times describing Britain as a Christian country and encouraging Christians to be more confident in expressing their fai… read more

What should we be praying?

16 October, 2014 Tim Hanson

What should we be praying?

Over a warm and lazy summer in Winsford, we looked at people in the Bible who met Jesus; people such as Nicodemus and Zaccheus.
The big point that we learnt was that being Christian is about knowing Jesus – and that continuing as a Christ… read more