Comment from across the partnerships

Leafleting? Are you joking?

29 May, 2014 Lewis Allen

Leafleting? Are you joking?

Each week at least a couple of us from Hope go into Huddersfield town centre. We leaflet for an hour. I could say we ‘tract’, but it’s such an outdated and horrible word I try to avoid it. So, in the middle of the day, in the middle of the… read more

The East of Scotland Gospel Partnership

22 May, 2014

East of Scotland

The East of Scotland Gospel Partnership was launched in January 2010 with the three main goals of training Gospel workers, encouraging Gospel churches and planting new Gospel congregations. Four years on, and we are so thankful for the way… read more

3 ways to grow a church

15 May, 2014 Richard Perkins

3 ways to grow a church

What is it that makes churches grow?

Is it down to their buildings? The music? The location? The leader? The preaching? The style of their meetings? Their website? Which factors combine to create the elusive growth dynamic and ensure that … read more