Comment from across the partnerships

Crossroads: A Gospel Partnership Mission

26 September, 2013 Jonathan Prime


In the first week of March 2013, eight churches in the North London Gospel Partnership joined together for a week of mission.  The title for the week was “Crossroads” (based on Jeremiah 6v16).

There was nothing complicated about what we di… read more

Training future leaders

19 September, 2013 Peter Froggatt

Training future leaders

I can think of three people who had a profound influence on the course of my life when I was in my late teens and early 20s. One was a fellow student, slightly older in years – but much more so in Christian maturity – who spent time readinread more

Necessary Negatives

12 September, 2013 William Philip


The message of the letter of Jude could hardly be more contemporary. It describes exactly the situation we find ourselves in the church in the western world today:

‘certain people, whose condemnation was written about long ago, have crept … read more