Comment from across the partnerships

Council estate contextualisation

22 August, 2013 Andy Mason

council estate contextualisation

Why do we need to think about contextualising preaching for council estates? 

First, notice that ministry is always contextualised, whether to urban professionals or rural families. So, we preach in English (!), talk about cricket and dres… read more

Student ministry is strategic.

15 August, 2013 Tony Jones

Student ministry

Student ministry is strategic.
With students still open to new ideas but now able to make real decisions about the shape of their lives, the time at university provides some unique opportunities. For some it is the last line of defence aft… read more

Church planting in the CofE

8 August, 2013 Rupert Standring

Church planting in the CofE

Three big game changers for church planting within the Church of England (C of E)

1. The Pilling Report
This is a working group set up by the House of Bishops to advise them on changes to the current C of E position on human sexuality that … read more