Comment from across the partnerships

Handing Over the Baton

28 March, 2013 Brian Maiden


Personally, I find that one of the most watchable and exciting athletics events is the relay. The most fascinating part (apart from the finish) is that crucial handing over of the baton – when there is massive potential for disaster if theread more

Celebrating Difference

21 March, 2013 Leonie Mason

Although the headlines have moved onto other issues, it will have been hard to escape the furore over the Women Bishops vote in the Church of England, whether or not the Anglican Church is your particular ‘home’.  Much has been said about t… read more

Reproof and correction

14 March, 2013 Julian Harydman

A part of the preacher’s task is remedial: to correct misunderstanding; to reprove deviant behaviour and to challenge rebellious attitudes.

It is worth pondering the difficulties of these activities. Some of us are fearful of confrontation.… read more